Ke Nan Ke

To bridge the gap between caring people and people in need. To not only supply the physical needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education, but also to address the need for love, touch, and hope for the people of Haiti.

our causes

Changing the lives of those less fortunate

Tennis Court for Neighborhood Kids

Greetings friends…
For a little over a year, several of the younger kids who come play on our playground have been taking tennis 🎾 lessons. Not optimal conditions…sharing space with the basketball 🏀 court. But they have been faithful.
We would love to pour them their own court area and

Brock House

In February 2017, we broke ground on The Brock House. The dream of having a fully operational Children’s home was becoming a reality. Then in November 2017, we opened our doors to nine (9) children. We became a family. We have since added six (6) additional children for a full

School Building

Education is an important key to success. Ke Nan Ke is committed to providing schools in as many communities as possible. The objective is to build them close enough to orphanages, underprivileged neighborhoods, and growing communities to make attending school more accessible to more families.
In October, we opened a

Transition House

What happens to kids who age out of an orphanage but are ill prepared for life…nothing good without some direction, education, and instruction. We are excited to announce the opening of our Transition House 🏡 to provide the bridge these young men need to become productive citizens. Please let us

Medical Clinic

The lack of quality medical care in Haiti is no secret. Agencies such as the World Heath Organization, USAID, and Doctor’s Without Borders all agree that even before the 2010 earthquake the healthcare system in Haiti was lacking. The inadequacies were compounded in the aftermath of the earthquake. The Haitian

Feeding the Children

Ever since the day that changed everything, our primary objective has been to adequately feed as many children as possible. We have several orphanages that we provide the basics of rice, beans, cornmeal, spaghetti, tomato paste, flour and charcoal on a regular basis. These orphanages do not bear our name

Why Choose Us

The cost to feed the population of an orphanage depends on the number of children at the facility. Our standard delivery will feed 35-40 children for 7-10 days. This includes rice, beans, spaghetti, tomato paste, oil and corn meal for $250 USD.
Care packages can be sent; however, customs and shipping charges can be cost prohibitive. ($4 per pound) Additionally, we believe it serves Haiti best to buy locally if at all possible. Therefore, please contact us prior to shipping packages to discuss alternative options.
YES! One of our favorite things is to host mission teams. When we have a group it multiplies our hands. There is something very powerful about human interaction. A touch, a smile or a hug supersedes cultural, economic and language divisions. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting Ke Nan Ke onsite in Haiti.

You can not UN-SEE Haiti

Bridge the Gap

Our projects

Habitat for Vanity

My father-in-law came to visit us a few years back. He met new people and got acquainted with several families that we work closely with in Haiti. Before he left to go back home, he asked us about the possibility of REALLY making a change in one family’s life. He

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Project: Light Up Their World

For many reasons, most Haitians do not have access to electricity on a regular basis. These solar powered lighting systems can give them two lights and one receptacle for several hours every evening. This provides additional study time for the children and improves their ability to succeed in school. The

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Bridging Hearts Institute

How do you break the cycle of poverty? Education. Education paves the way for better employment, wiser choices, and stronger communities. Ke Nan Ke is committed not only to assisting with primary education but also secondary education. The Bridging Hearts Institute is our English Language School.  Learning the English language

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Aftermath of Matthew: Cayes & Jeremie Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Blog
Imagine the worst storm you have ever witnessed….now imagine this was your house when that storm passed over you. Thousands of people in Haiti are still picking up the pieces of their homes, lives and belongings weeks after Matthew has faded from the news. The long lasting

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Jellyfish, Harmonicas, Slime and Glitter….

Carnival Time in Haiti (Mardi Gras) is a time of celebrations and activities;however, for the kids in the orphanages it is just another day. This year we decided to take the party to them. 
We took the supplies to them and we had a fun-filled day of crafts, songs and

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A written name…

Sometimes we wonder if the things we are doing are making a lasting impact. Today, I was blessed to have a reassuring moment that let me know…YES, we do make a difference. 
A friend of mine that visits Haiti frequently was with us at one of the orphanages with which

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What people say

April W.
What a beautiful place that will grab your heart and you will not be ready to leave this place nor these beautiful people.
Rosemary L.
Made 2 lifelong friends and will forever have a place for Haiti and the Brian's in our hearts.
Shelly D.
I never expected to be changed in the way I was. It makes you realize how ever blessed you are! Once you go you never get Haiti out of your blood!
Von S.
Haiti was a life changing experience for me, the kids in the orphanages is what really touched me. I would love to go again. I want to thank the Brian's for a wonderful experience .
Nannette E.
Haiti IS beautiful and so are the people there. You cannot help but love them all instantly. Your heart feels as if it will break when you realize you cannot take all of the children home with you. Thank God for the opportunity to see the beauty of Haiti in spite of the difficulties there. And God bless Ronald and Terry Brian for their unselfish ministry.