Ke Nan Ke

A written name…

Sometimes we wonder if the things we are doing are making a lasting impact. Today, I was blessed to have a reassuring moment that let me know…YES, we do make a difference. 

A friend of mine that visits Haiti frequently was with us at one of the orphanages with which we work. This particular orphanage is the one that KE NAN KE sponsored to attend a school. My friend, Bonnie, always brings a white board with her so the kids can write their names. It makes it easier for her to understand and pronounce the names. There is a little girls who on previous visits was never able to write her own name. She always shied away from the white board and other kids had written her name for her. Until today…today she smiled as she reached for the white board and with a clear sense of accomplishment, she wrote her own name. 

When Bonnie told me about this moment, my heart melted. Yes!  We are making a lasting impact. There is so much POWER in a written name. 

Thank you to everyone that has given toward our education projects. 

Mindy Brock