Ke Nan Ke


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between caring people and people in need. To not only supply the physical needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education, but also to address the need for love, touch, and hope for the people of Haiti.


Our Story

Ke nan Ke…it means ‘heart to heart’ and that is our mission. We believe there are thousands of caring people willing to share with people in need…they just need to see the need. Until you see the need….until you meet the people…until you know about the need on a personal level, it is easier to assume someone else is taking care of the it. It is easier to not act. But once you see the need, meet the people and you know the need is real, it is impossible to forget. You can not UN-SEE Haiti. Visions of little hands reaching for a peanut butter sandwich, of faces that light up with a smile when you hand them a toy, of notes and pictures drawn especially for you to express their appreciation will forever replay in your mind.

There are a few projects that we are involved with on an on-going basis.  Those include a feeding program, after-school activities and providing education.  However, the scope of our activities are as diverse as those that want to become involved. We have built homes, dug wells for clean water, delivered Christmas gifts, hosted orphanage play days, installed solar-powered lights and a host of other activities. We invite you to imagine what you can do to improve someone’s life and we will help facilitate making that a reality.

We invite you to explore their world.

Check out our Blog Post (The Day that Changed Everything) for more details on WHY we started Ke Nan Ke. Explore our Photo Gallery to get a glimpse of WHAT we do. And know that YOU are the HOW we do what we do. The task is too great for any one person…even for a small group…but if everyone who sees the need will respond, together we can make a difference in so many lives.

Meet the Team

Their lives are forever changed because you cannot un-see Haiti.


Terry Brian


February 8, 2012—the day I realized children were starving two houses down from where I lived.



Jill Barnes


I lived and worked in Port au Prince for three years from 2012-15.



Chuck Brinkman


I visited Haiti for the first time in 2015. What I saw changed my view of the world and my heart.



Heather Dempsey


I traveled to Haiti thinking I could help change lives- it was my life that ended up being changed.


Next Steps…

We invite you to explore their world. Book a missions trip to Haiti. Email us for more info!

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