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Aftermath of Matthew:  Cayes & Jeremie Haiti

Aftermath of Matthew: Cayes & Jeremie Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Blog

Imagine the worst storm you have ever witnessed….now imagine this was your house when that storm passed over you. Thousands of people in Haiti are still picking up the pieces of their homes, lives and belongings weeks after Matthew has faded from the news. The long lasting affects on the agriculture and food sources have not even begun to peak. The hunger and disease that will result from this devastating storm is just beginning to be realized. Even the smallest of gestures of help and recovery can help ease their despair and give them hope for tomorrow.


UPDATE:  A few months have passed and everything seems normal in Port au Prince; however, if you drive just a few minutes out from the city you still see the devastation left by Matthew.  Ke Nan Ke has responded in several ways.  We have delivered metal sheet roofing to families in need.  We partnered with HAND FOR HEALING to distribute food, tarps and other necessary items.  We partnered with Compassion Services International to provide much needed medical care to hundreds of people in the southern region of Haiti.  Ke Nan Ke also distributed cutting tools, tarps, plastic containers and water purification tablets to thousands in the Southern Region of Haiti….but there is still work to be done.