Ke Nan Ke


November is traditionally the month we pause to reflect and be grateful for all the blessings we enjoy daily – food to eat, a place to live, a bed to sleep in, an education. Will you please donate and GIVE THE HOPE of these same things to the sweet children

Brock House

Update – Opening Day happened on Tuesday, we welcomed 9 new kids to stay at the Brock House! From dream to reality, the Brock House is a fully functioning orphanage in Haiti. The previous earthquake and hurricane in the last decade, have created tremendous needs for orphans

School Building

CURRENT NEED:  Buy a block…build a school.  Blocks can be purchased for $100/block.  These funds will go to build a school on Trudy’s Kids Orphanage.  This school will not only provide a quality education for the children living in The Brock House but also contribute to their social development by

Transition House

What happens to kids that age out of an orphanage but are ill prepared for life…nothing good without some direction, education and instruction.
We are excited to announce the opening of our Transition House 🏡 to provide the bridge these young men need to become productive citizens.
Please let us know if

Medical Clinic

UPDATE: 06/22/2018 Successful clinic yesterday at the Hands for Healing Medical Clinic!
UPDATE:  We hosted a team from Palm Bay, FL and were able to have a day of medical clinics.  Dr Josue, a dentist on the team, kept busy with multiple patients suffering from dental issues.
UPDATE:  Our Medical Clinic

Feeding the Children

Ever since the day that changed everything, our primary objective has been to adequately feed as many children as possible.  We have several orphanages that we provide the basics of rice, beans, cornmeal, spaghetti, tomato paste, flour and charcoal on a regular basis.  These orphanages do not bear our name

Back to School Help

Have you purchased back to school supplies this month?  It is that time of year again and everyone is busy making sure all the essentials are purchased, packed and ready.  After all education is the key to their future, right?  In Haiti, attending school and preparing for a bright future

From Tents to Houses

UPDATE:  This project is completed.  The family is completely reunited under the same roof and everyone has their own bed.  So thankful for everyone that helped us make this possible.  We celebrated with the family with cake on their first night together.
Update:  The house is completed.  Door were

Lona Jane Pavilion/Playground Memorial

UPDATE:  The pavilion is just about finished and we are doing some ground work to prepare for the playground equipment placement.  Thank you to EVERYONE that made this project possible.
UPDATE:  We went to pick out the playground equipment the other day.  We should have the ground leveled and ready