Ke Nan Ke
Habitat for Vanity

Habitat for Vanity

My father-in-law came to visit us a few years back. He met new people and got acquainted with several families that we work closely with in Haiti. Before he left to go back home, he asked us about the possibility of REALLY making a change in one family’s life. He wanted to do something life-changing. So we showed him a picture of Vanity’s (one of the people he had gotten to know) ‘house’.   It was made of sticks and used pieces of sheet metal but it was home to a family of nine.

He decided he was going to go home and raise money to build a Habitat for Vanity. He returned a few months later…and began the building process. Within a few months he had built them a home. He finished it, decorated it and celebrated with them as they moved into it.  Their new home (pictured here) is a beautiful three bedroom home with indoor bathroom and modern kitchen.

He changed their life. He changed their world.