Ke Nan Ke
Heather Dempsey

I have known the Brian’s my entire life, and their work in Haiti is nothing short of extraordinary. It is their heartbeat. I made my first visit to Haiti in 2013. I traveled to Haiti thinking I could help change lives- it was my life that ended up being changed. Witnessing children climb over one another, fighting for a peanut butter sandwich, is an image that will be forever engrained in my memory. After being submerged in their society, coming back to the United States was a feeling I could not prepare for. The only thing that separated me from them, was the fact that I was born in the United States- a thought that seemed grossly unfair to me. Ke Nan Ke is a resource that helps provide safety, shelter, food and education to those who otherwise have no chance. It bridges the connection between the hearts that have love to share, with the hearts who so desperately need love shown to them.

Heather Dempsey, BSB, MBA