Ke Nan Ke
Terry Brian

Have you ever had one of those days that changes everything? Since living in Haiti, I have had two such days. The first—January 12, 2010—the day the earth shook in Haiti. The second—February 8, 2012—the day I realized children were starving two houses down from where I lived. For me personally, I believe February 8th was the most impacting event of my life. My husband and I had been missionaries for nearly 20 years. We had lived in Haiti for almost 10 years. We thought we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing as missionaries, as Christians, and as human beings. We found out that day we had drastically fallen short. That was the beginning of Ke Nan Ke (Bridging Hearts). We realized the task was too great for Ron & Terry Brian. We needed to connect the hearts of caring people with the hearts of the people in need. We are still missionaries….but now we are also addressing the physical needs of the people, too. Food, shelter, medical care, education and a loving touch for everyone we can reach has become our goal. Thank you for helping us bridge the gap.